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We always say it’s better to start sooner than later.

The first thing to do would be to send us the image, photo, logo and text etc you would like to see on your sweet or label.

We can then get some example labels back to you to see and alter.

Once you are happy with your label we could then send you our order form to confirm all details such as colours, flavour, delivery etc.

There is a delivery field on the order form so you can tell us when you would like to receive your order.

So, if you order today (for example) you could receive them asap or request for delivery when  you required them.

It would not be made until you require them so they are as fresh as can be.

This way everything is in place well in time and nobody has a heart attack due to a last minute rush.

I hope that helps but please do ask if you have any questions

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