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Personalised Wedding Rock Favours

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You Design It, We Create It

wedding rock sweets

Personalised Wedding Rock Favours.

Your colour theme, your label design, your names through the middle and your chosen flavour.  All hand made and individually wrapped for your wedding.

Your label can be an image of your selves, your venue, in line with your stationary or what ever you wish.  If you send us an image we’ll edit and send back some examples to see and alter.  Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to send us details and images etc.  We look forward to hearing from you.

You can order in advance and they wont be made and delivered until you require them.

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Your Label

Send us your image with your names, wedding date, venue name and any text and we’ll send you some example labels to see.

wedding sweet colours

Your Colour

You can have any colour you like. You can send us a colour swatch, colour reference or just tell us the colour(s) you’d like.

wedding rock

Your Centre

Your name and a heart?  It’s up to you.  You can have up to 16 letters and a heart through the middle.

personalised place settings for weddings

Your Flavour

Choose from a stunning range of good old traditional, modern and fruit flavours.

How to Order Personalised Wedding Favours

The first step is to send us the image you have in mind for your label.  It can be a favourite photo of yourselves, the venue, in the style of your stationery or you could give us an idea and we can create a label especially for you.  You can send any image either by sending an email to or by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
We will then email you back with some examples to see and alter as you wish.  Once you are happy with your label we can send you your order form for you to confirm colours, centre, flavours and delivery details.

How many favours would you like?

You’ll be surprised how well rock favours go down, they really hit the spot with guests.  Some guests eat it there and then and want another to take home.  Some will want to take extra for friends and relatives who can’t make it. You’ll also need to keep some for your family for keeps, not eats.

Wedding Rock place settings?

Wedding rock place settings in your colours, your names through the middle, your flavour and each guest name individually printed on each label made to your personal design.

Each stick of rock would have the label individually printed with the names of your guests. A nice touch that they can keep or just eat there and then. Either way they are great.

Each printed label will cost 50p extra to the costs you see below.

wedding rock

Ordering Information

5 ½” by ¾” favours
140mm by 20mm
6″ by ¾” favours
150mm by 20mm
7″ by 1″ favours
175mm by 30mm
50 @ £285 50 @ £295
75 @ £310 75 @ £305
100 @ £265 100 @ £335 100 @ £340
150 @ £275 150 @ £345 150 @ £360
200 @ £285 200 @ £360 200 @ £385
250 @ £295 250 @ £375 250 @ £430
300 @ £305 300 @ £390 300 @ £445
400 @ £315 400 @ £410 400 @ £465

Prices include design and print of the label, colouring, lettering and wrapping. If you don’t see the volume you want please ask us to quote for the amount you would like.

The Split – a mixture of rock sweets and rock sticks

The Split is when the rock mix is separated whilst being made.  Some of it makes sticks and the rest become individually wrapped sweets.  Both will have the same lettering in the middle and the sticks can have a label on the outside.

For example, you could have the options below.  If you don’t see the options for you just ask and we can quote.

Option 1 – £545

  • 100 rock sticks (5½” by ¾”) and approx 2,000 rock sweets
  • 150 rock sticks (5½” by ¾”) and approx 1,500 rock sweets
  • 200 rock sticks (5½” by ¾”) and approx 1,000 rock sweets

Option 2 – £640

  • 200 rock sticks (5½” by ¾”) and approx 4,000 sweets
  • 300 rock sticks (5½” by ¾”) and approx 3,000 sweets
  • 400 rock sticks (5½” by ¾”) and approx 2,000 sweets

Delivery Costs

Up to 200 sticks @ £10. Up to 400 sticks @ £20. Up to 1000 sticks @ £30.  XL deliveries will be priced according to quantity.

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